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Mount Rinjani National Park

Mount Rinjani National Park – Lombok Island – INDONESIA

  STAY SAFE: This is a very active volcano. Always be aware of the current assessment of eruptive activity. Sources worth keeping an eye on include local media and The Smithsonian Institute’s weekly Volcanic Activity Report . Do not always take the word of a trek organiser as gospel on safety issues. Rinjani is high […]

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Sembalun Gate Trail – Rinjani National Park

Starting in the morning from the Rinjani Trek Centre in the village, the climb to Plawangan II at 2,638 m will take about 8 hr via POSI (1,300 m), POSII (1,500 m) and POSIII (1,800 m). Starting altitude is1100 m, so there are no humid conditions to deal with. First half or more of the […]

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Senaru Gate Trail – Rinjani National Park

This is by far the most used route as it allows the (relatively) less strenuous trek to the crater rim only. You start at an elevation of 600 m in Senaru village, normally in the late morning or early afternoon and make the 6 hour ascent to the crater rim before dark. First part of […]

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How to Get to Mount Rinjani National Park

There are flights from Bali, Jakarta, and Surabaya (some linking to Kuala Lumpur) and from Singapore to Lombok and from these and Bandung, Kupang and Ende to Bima. 1. Garuda, Merpati and Lion Air all have regular flights to Mataram from Jakarta, Denpasar and Surabaya, some originating in Kuala Lumpur. 2. Silk Air has regular […]

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What You Might See in Rinjani National Park

WHAT YOU MIGHT SEE Gunun Rinjani National Park lies within the major transition zone(Wallaceae) where the flora and fauna of South East Asia makes a dramatic transition into that which is typical of Australasia. The Park has a rich variety of plants and animals, although they can be hard to spot due to the terrain […]

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